What do you think about homosexuality?

Society tells us that homosexuality is normal. The media promotes equality and the freedom to love whomever we choose. But what does the Bible say about how we should respond?

Understanding Sexuality

What's happening in society? Does science show that homosexuality is inborn?


As Christians, how should we respond to the call for same-sex equality? How do we journey with those who identify as LGBTQ+?

The Modern Family will answer those questions in a 2-part workshop for Christian youth and adults seeking to understand and respond to these concerns with God’s original design for sexuality and the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality.

What the Bible teaches

Gain a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about gender, sexuality and marriage

The Church's Response to the LGBT movement

Learn how to bring godly influence into conversations about same-sex attraction

What People Are Saying About MOVA

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What You Will Gain

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for The Modern Family?

This programme was designed for Christian youth and young adults (13- 20 years old), who want to understand and be equipped in responding to the complex issues of homosexuality, as well as relating to those affected by homosexuality.

What is the programme like?

The Modern Family is a comprehensive 4-hour workshop split up over 2 sessions. It will cover various aspects of the issue of homosexuality: biblical, scientific, societal, and pastoral.

What is the fee for this event?

There is a registration fee of $10/pax. Walk-in registrations are $15/pax.

Can I invite my non-Christian friends for this?

The Modern Family equips participants from a Christian perspective. It’s ideally attended by those who are not only familiar with Christianity, but who are committed to living out Christian principles, as revealed by God in the Bible. As such, we would want to open this event only to Christians, to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

How can we run this in our church?

Please e-mail us at contact@wholelife.sg to start a conversation about organising The Modern Family at your church.

Day/Date: Saturday, 25 May
Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm
Venue: Kum Yan Methodist Church 1 Queen Street Singapore 188534
Registration Fee: $10/pax (walk-in registrations at $15/pax)


For more enquiries, please contact Jackie (Jackie.Ang@family.org.sg).