Be Equipped to Handle Tough Conversations On Sexuality With Youths

The thought of having to guide the younger generation on sexuality matters can be nerve-wrecking. SexEd helps to remove the hurdles so that you can handle such conversations with ease and wisdom.

Engage and disciple young people to live a life dedicated to God in the area of sexuality


 With SexEd, you will learn how to conduct 5 different sexuality programmes. Join us and make a lasting impact on the next generation.

Handle difficult conversations about sexuality with truth and gentleness

Conduct sexuality programmes for youths, young adults, and parents confidently

What People Are Saying About MOVA

“This quote needs to nudge visitors toward a conversion by establishing trust.”



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Be equipped to:

Learn how to Conduct these Programmes: 

A workshop to help youths grapple with the difficult issues of pornography and masturbation.

A workshop designed to facilitate open and honest dialogues with youths about the importance of abstinence before marriage.

A workshop designed for young people to help them have a realistic and godly view of relationships and marriage.

A workshop for parents to learn how to address the issues of sex and sexuality with their children confidently.

Designed to provide a safe space for parents to have a heart-to-heart conversation with their children on the topic of sex.

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Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe
CEO, Focus on the Family Singapore 

As a seasoned family life trainer, Joanna inspires people to more intentional relationships through marriage, parenting and sexuality workshops. She has been training and guiding individuals and parents through various family life programmes, from PG (Parental Guidance), Dare to Discipline, to Marriage Mentoring, Parenting with Confidence, and Let’s Talk about Sex. 

Joanna and her husband share a deep passion for helping families thrive. They currently serve in the community as licensed marriage solemnisers and family life trainers.

Mr Raphael Zhang
Programme Strategist, Focus on the Family Singapore

Raphael graduated with an MA in English and was about to pursue further studies when the Lord directed his heart to issues affecting the family. Having been led by God to journey out of sexual brokenness toward wholeness, he now avails himself to be used by Jehovah-Rapha to bring this healing and wholeness to others. He enjoys reading and writing, and believes there’s no such thing as having too many books.

Mr Joshua Liong
Principal Trainer, Focus on the Family Singapore

Joshua is an international speaker and trainer of many disciplines and he speaks on issues of youth, sexuality, parenting, marriage and faith. He is also the Senior Master Trainer for No Apologies®, and has trained more than 4,000 master trainers, trainers and facilitators in Asia, the UK and USA. He loves connecting with young people and has spent more than 20 years strategising how to better equip them for life, faith and relationship.

Joshua is a graduate from the Disaster Relief Training School by International Health Services Foundation at Colorado Springs, USA and a certified marriage coach. He has a diploma in Child Psychology and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Ministry.


  Session 1: 27 Apr (Fri), 9am to 6pm
 Session 2: 28 Apr (Sat), 9am to 1pm
 Session 3: 4 May (Fri), 7pm to 10pm
 Session 4: 5 May (Sat), 9am to 1pm 

Training Dates & Time

What is this programme about?

An intensive 4-day training that equips church leaders with the knowledge and skills to run 5 of our sexuality programmes for youths (No Apologies, Ctrl+Alt+Del), young adults (Sticky Notes and Push Pins, Ctrl+Alt+Del), and their parents (Parental Guidance, Let’s Talk About Sex)   

Who should attend?   

Youth pastors/leaders, pastors, cell group leaders, Christian educators, campus ministry leaders, individuals who are interested to conduct sexuality programmes for youths and their parents.   

What if I cannot attend all 4 sessions? Can someone else take my place?   

It is most beneficial that you attend the full duration of the training as every component is important for you to be well equipped to conduct the sexuality programmes.   

You will need to be present for all the sessions in order to be awarded a Certificate of Participation. Registration is non-transferrable.   

What is the accreditation process like?   

After completing the training, you would need to conduct at least 1 of the 5 sexuality programmes to receive accreditation from Focus on the Family Singapore. A Focus trainer will be present to observe and offer feedback after your session.     

Who can be my referee for my application?   

This person should preferably be someone who has witnessed you in a training/facilitation capacity. Your referee should not be an immediate family member.   

How can I conduct the sexuality programmes after I have completed the training?   

You would need to gather a group of youths and/or parents on your own and purchase the programme materials from Focus on the Family Singapore. More information will be provided at the training.   



  $750 per individual
$500 each for 2 or more registrations


  Citygate Media, MAPEX Building
37 Jln Pemimpin #01-16, Singapore 

Registration for this training is now closed. If you still wish to apply, please contact us at Thank you.

Registration for this training is now closed. If you still wish to apply, please contact us at Thank you.


  Contact us for more details if you're keen to organize SexEd Training for your Church. 

Registration for this training is now closed. If you still wish to apply, please contact us at Thank you.