Are your kids addicted to their devices? Managing children's use of devices is a top priority for many parents. Clarify your doubts on how much screen time to allow your children, and let you start open and honest conversations with them at SCREENed.


Strengthen your parent-child relationship by learning how to convey your concerns respectfully and lovingly.



Want to converse with your child about their device usage, but don’t really know how? Hope to guide your kids on staying safe online, avoid gaming addiction, and ensure their well-being?

Designed just for parents and kids (aged 11-14), SCREENed will answer those questions and more.

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DATE: 30 June 2018 (Saturday)
TIME:    10am to 12.30pm    

 ACS (Barker Rd), Drama Theatre
60 Barker Rd, Singapore 309919

 Option A: 1 parent-child pair - $55
 Option B: 1 parent-child pair + spouse or additional child - $80 
 An award-winning film that probes into the struggles of families over social media, video games, and academics. The film offers solutions on how to help kids navigate the digital world. 


Set clear expectations and limits around screen time with a "screen time agreement" and use this as a guide for future screen use.


Receive attractive take-home materials that can be used as reminders for the whole family about healthy screen time.



Mr Joshua Liong
Principal Trainer, Focus on the Family Singapore

Over the last decade, Joshua has equipped parents in the areas of relationships, media literacy and values formation. As a certified parent coach, he was involved in the Malaysian government’s development of parenting programmes and national family policies.

Joshua and his children enjoy a close and meaningful relationship. They relish cooking together, playing tennis and watching silly YouTube videos. He believes that media is neither good nor bad, but how we use it to enrich our lives will make family media experience a joy. He was also recently a guest on 938NOW's Parenting Moments with Susan Ng.


Can I register more than one child for SCREENed?

Yes, if your spouse OR second child (recommended age: 11-14yo) would like to join you, they may do so at an additional fee of $10.

e.g. 1 Parent-Child pair + 1 Parent ($40 + $10) OR 1 Parent-Child pair + 1 Child ($40 + $10)

My child is younger/older than the recommended age range of 11 to 14 years old. Can he/she still attend?

The programme for SCREENed is designed for parents with children between the recommended age range. For children under 11, you may need to provide more guidance at certain parts of the workshop for him/her to fully benefit from the programme. We would not advise for parents to bring children older than 15 years old as the programme is designed for children of a younger age group. However, we will leave the decision to the parent.

Can I bring my friend’s child along with my child and I for the workshop?

The planned activities are intended for interaction within the context of a family. If you have someone else’s child with you, he/she may feel left out when you’re interacting with your child. We would recommend for your friend to bring his/her child to attend as a family so that they can practise the lessons at home.  

What is the programme like?

We will be screening the award-winning docu-movie Screenagers with activities and conversations weaved into the programme. There will also be Q&A session and an opportunity to make a family screen time agreement with your child. Do come with a willingness to share, listen and communicate with your child through the activities and conversations.

For inquiries, please e-mail us at contact@wholelife.sg.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Date : 20 July, Saturday
 Time : 9am - 11.30am
Venue : Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church
 300 Bedok North Ave 3
Singapore 469717
 Pricing : $40/parent-child pair (U.P. $50)

Gary and Joanna Koh

Gary and Joanna have between them over 30 years of experience working with parents and youth, during which they have become firm advocates of the need for strong families.

A charismatic platform speaker, Gary regularly conducts motivational talks and training workshops on parenting and mentoring teenagers, marriage, youth sexuality, leadership and character development. Gary is also a full-time counsellor and works regularly with couples, parents and youth.

Joanna started out her career with a desire to change lives. She undertook counselling, casework and therapy in the areas of children with special needs, domestic violence, families-in-crisis and psychiatric rehabilitation. Joanna later spent a decade with Focus on the Family Singapore, an organization devoted to helping marriages and families thrive, where she eventually became CEO. Joanna has appeared on interviews with Channel News Asia and CNA938 and is also one of two recipients of the Work-Life Leadership 2010 Award.

A dynamic husband-and-wife team, Gary and Joanna regularly train and speak together and are also licensed marriage solemnisers. They have been happily married for 19 years and have a 13 year old son.

*Register before 8 July to enjoy a 20% discount on registration fees!