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 Invest in a Brighter Future

Join us to build stronger families for a better Singapore! Here’s a quick look at our key events and ongoing programmes in 2020.

With the recent developments on the COVID-19 situation, and to cooperate with the most current health advisory from the various authorities, we have made the difficult decision to postpone some of our events until further notice. 

Dates indicated are subject to change.

Celebrate Marriage

7-19 Feb

Our annual campaign to celebrate

a lifetime of love and strengthen

marriages in our nation

FamChamps Mentor Training

23 Apr

A training session to empower adults 

to journey and guide youth to become

family champions at home and school


A holistic equipping seminar on 

healthy sexuality for parents 

and leaders of young people

SexEd: Core

28 Mar

Date with Dad


Strengthen father-daughter bonds

with deep conversations, affirmation 

and a shared commitment

Parent Mentor Training

18 Apr

A great workshop to empower people 

to build stronger parenting and 

mentoring communities

Create with Mum


A special time for Mum and her tween

to celebrate milestones, build memories

and set positive moods at home

SexEd: Hot Button Issues

14-15 May

A higher-level workshop for deeper 

issues about sexuality and education. 

SexEd: Core required.

That's My Mum

(Mother's Day Campaign)

1-12 May

Our annual campaign to celebrate

and honour mothers through

affirmation and action

A time to appreciate faithful partners

and raise awareness of our work,

while nurturing new family champions

Partnership Dinner



4 Jun

A gathering for Christian educators to 

discover ways to live out God's calling 

in today's education climate

That's My Dad

(Father's Day Campaign)

11-22 Jun

Our annual campaign to celebrate

and honour fathers through

affirmation and action

Charity Golf

1 Sep

Spend the day with other golfersand 

take a swing in support of thriving

families for a brighter future

Charity Movie


A screening of carefully selected

impactful movies instilling the values

and importance of family

Race To Praise

(Children's Day Campaign)

18 Sep-2 Oct

An annual campaign for parents to 

affirm their children’s character and

positive values



FamChamps Awards

4 Jul

A recognition of the year's

achievements for Family and 

induction of FamChamps

SexEd: Tracks

17-18 Sep

A higher-level workshop for deeper 

issues about sexuality and education. 

SexEd: Core required.

A marriage preparation workshop

for couples to address common

issues newlyweds face and

build a solid marital foundation

Meet My Boss

A meaningful take on "Bring Your 

Child to Work Day" for organisations 

to be more family-focused

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The Parent-Coach Dialogues

An equipping workshop for parents 

to create a targeted and intentional 

approach for each unique child

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